Freelance Writing Services

Could Your Business Benefit from a Writer?

Is your blog feeling a bit neglected? Does your content sound a little tired?

Writing is a lot more than throwing words at a page and hoping they stick. Content that explores unique and interesting perspectives has the power to start conversations and stir emotions.

It also sets an expectation for what your business has to offer.

Good content is easy; great content takes work. Unfortunately, that’s why meaningful writing generally gets left on the back burner.

I’m Frank Myrland, freelance writer for hire. I aim for a fresh and fun tone in my writing that communicates a concise, interesting message. Most of all, I try to be conversational and natural – I don’t use big words just to try to sound smart.

Ultimately, my goal is to write something that your target audience will enjoy reading. After all, that’s who it’s all about.

What’s the Benefit of Working with a Freelance Writer?

By working with me you can expect to:

  • Receive blog or web content written with the care it deserves
  • Save time stressing over content so that you can focus on other areas of your business
  • Power your way into the organic rankings for common key phrases with search engine optimised content
  • Maximise on-page conversions with precise and thoughtful call-to-actions
  • Intrigue existing website visitors with fresh content
  • Encourage repeat web visitors with regular, high-quality content

Every aspect of your business gives a hint of the finished product or service, from the cleanliness of your workplace to the quality of content on your website. To stand out in the increasingly competitive online marketplace, it’s about finding the unique offerings that you can bring to the table. What knowledge do you have to share? What experiences or anecdotes do you have?

Capturing that information and spinning it into exceptional content makes your website more than a flashy brochure – and it will have visitors coming back for more.

Oh, yeah. One more point: It’s important to pay attention to the details. Because typos suck. Seriosly.


Who Are You Anyway?

I’m Frank. Nice to meet you.

I graduated from the York University Bachelor of Arts program in 2011. My major was in Professional Writing and I minored in Creative Writing, so I’ve got the whole spectrum covered.

Since then I’ve worked as a copywriter for a variety of businesses and agencies to keep me on my toes. I’ve also freelanced as a sports writer and a satirist.

On a fun and separate note, I’m also a photographer.


What’s Your Process?

Before starting each project, I take the time to explore and understanding your target audience.

By researching popular industry keywords and phrases, I find the commonly asked questions. Once I am satisfied that an answer is in demand, I craft a well-thought out piece that contains the right mixture of researched facts and entertaining prose.

The result? Content that is worth reading!


Search Engine Optimisation

For many business owners, there’s a deep sense of mystery and intrigue behind Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. And it doesn’t help that lots of people want to try to make it sound more complicated than it actually is.

In it’s simplest form, SEO is this:

“Create and share content that is better than your competitors. Make your website worth visiting.”

Yes, it is important to get the checklist of technical SEO components right as well. But at its core, SEO is about giving an exceptional user experience.

I’ve worked with SEO for over five years, both to analyse and improve the performance of various websites. Along the way I passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification assessment as well, which means I can help you makes sense of what’s happening on your website.


If you agree that having high-quality content on your website is important, contact me via email at or fill out this online form to find out how I could help your business.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with the quality of your content then I wish you a pleasant day and all the best in your future business endeavours!