Review of the MIOPS Smart Trigger & Mobile Remote

I recently got the chance to test some photography gear from MIOPS, a rather innovative company that produces triggers and remotes that can help inject some creativity into your photography.

Now, I already had a solution for flash triggers and a remote in my camera bag before playing with MIOPS. I used the Cactus v5 radio transmitters for flash synchronization and the Hähnel Giga T Pro II remote. While I was generally pleased with both products, I was eager to give MIOPS a shot.


The MIOPS Smart trigger is an incredibly flexible flash trigger that can be programmed to fire your flash in a variety of scenarios. Interestingly enough, shortly before picking up the MIOPS gear I had struggled to get results during a photoshoot. Now it’s a piece of cake.

Almost immediately I realized that I would need to simultaneously be more subtle and more confident if I wanted to capture anything worth keeping.

Subtle in terms of my approach and what I was wearing. I was rocking the full out tourist outfit, complete with large camera bag. I stood out.

Mobile Remote

This impressive little remote weighs almost nothing and connects quickly and easily to the MIOPS Mobile App, giving me full control of the shutter and the ability to make custom settings right from my phone.

One of the key drawbacks with my Hähnel Giga T Pro II remote was that the receiver unit didn’t have an automatic shut-off, resulting in more than a couple accidentally drained batteries. MIOPS Mobile fixes this problem – besides, it comes with a charging cable so that I’m not rushing to the store to buy a new pack of obscure batteries every couple of weeks.

I really like the design of this remote unit, and incorporating the trigger into an app saves me the bother of having to carry around a trigger. I really, really like having less stuff in my camera bag, so this feature appeals to me.

Check out this gear and more from MIOPS on their website at

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